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Thanks to the modular structure, our recipes can be easily adapted to your wishes.

Are you looking for a recipe with the ingredients you still have at home?
You want to cook your favourite low carb dish?
You want to cook healthy meals quickly? We have your recipe.

No more boredom on the plate
Adapt recipes to your preferences

This way you can keep things varied and discover new dishes.

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Empty Your Fridge
Easily find the right recipe for the ingredients you have at home.

Do something good for the environment, save your wallet and save shopping time.

Dynamic Recipes
You don't like an ingredient or don't have it at home? No problem ...

Save yourself the long search for the right recipe and swap individual ingredients or entire recipe modules.

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Step-by-step cooking
Cook simple and healthy.

With the simple and clear cooking instructions, you can be sure to succeed with any dish.

New inspiration every day

You'll find new, delicious and healthy recipes every day.

Classic banana bread with blackberries
45 min
Beetroot risotto with goat cheese
25 min
Pancakes with blueberries
15 min
Pesto with ricotta and tofu
15 min
Green Thai Curry with mango
35 min
Gelbes Thai Curry mit Papaya
30 min

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Our recipes are fast, easy and healthy - and delicious.

What makes us special?
foodfittery recipes are flexible!
We have borrowed the modular structure from professional chefs: There is a basic ingredient, such as rice or pasta, and a flavour component with ingredients that taste particularly good together, such as salmon, fennel and orange. Within the modules, you can combine the components as you like. This way you can easily adapt the recipe to your wishes: Swap ingredients.
This opens up endless possible recipe combinations and completely new freedom in cooking.

With more than 10 million recipe variations, there is something for you too!
foodfittery: quick and easy to your recipe