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Go vegan (for a change): Six ways foodfittery can help

We love culinary diversity and changing menus! And the idea of Veganuary for trying out a vegan lifestyle is not only our focus at the beginning of the year. Our aim is to help you to enjoy a flexible diet and try out new things – for example with these six inspirational vegan options.

Switching to a purely vegan diet overnight makes for quite a radical change. But whether you really want to eat only vegan food, would like to give it a try, or wish to include vegan food more frequently in your meal plan, foodfittery will support you in many ways.

From planning meals to using the recipe customisation button, our vegan options can be found in a total of six sections of the app, meaning that you can always decide for yourself. All foodfittery “veganisation” options can be discovered here:

1. Recipe development: Where vegan is already on the menu

Our professional chefs naturally know very well how creative and versatile cooking can be. They take great care to ensure that, as far as possible, every foodfittery dish comes with a vegan option. You can therefore choose the way you would prefer your quiche or curry.

That’s why we offer classic dishes such as beef roulades along with a vegan alternative using savoy cabbage. Or you can try a poké bowl not only with salmon, but also with marinated tofu. If you see a V symbol under the picture of the recipe, you’ll know straight away that this version of the recipe is purely vegan.

Only if our professional chefs believe that a vegan alternative is not appropriate do we make an exception. Dishes like oven-baked fish, chicken legs or shakshuka speak for themselves, of course.

Discover our vegan recipes:

2. The new vegan me (for a while)

It takes only three clicks in the app to modify your PROFILE and switch everything to vegan. This can be reversed just as easily whenever you like. However, if you want to change your basic foodfittery settings (at least for a while) to vegan, you just need to tap the PROFILE button in the lower right corner, then select VEGAN as your dietary style under CHANGE PREFERENCES*. You can then browse through a variety of purely vegan recipe suggestions on the FOR YOU start page.

3. The selective filter function

If you don’t want to switch all the suggestions in our app to vegan, you can also use the RECIPE SEARCH (which can be found on the bottom bar) to browse individual recipe groups in the vegan version. Do this by selecting VEGAN as your dietary style in the PREFERENCES menu of the RECIPE SEARCH FILTER. Then, in combination with the INGREDIENTS or CATEGORY SEARCH, you can look specifically for dishes that contain no animal products.

4. Swapping ingredients yourself

If you’ve already found an interesting recipe but would like to try a vegan version, there are two ways to do this with foodfittery. In most cases, you can substitute individual foods in the ingredients list for vegan alternatives by tapping SWAP on the right. The app will suggest margarine instead of butter; cream can be replaced by oat cream; and aquafaba can be selected instead of egg white.

5. Switching recipe blocks

The second option allows you to change entire recipe blocks. As we use flexible modules to plan our recipes, you can simply switch a recipe module to a vegan version. Creamy pasta with cream sauce becomes a creamy, miso-based pasta, for example, by changing the sauce block.

6. Inspiration for greater diversity

Our aim at foodfittery is to always offer you a balanced and varied choice on the FOR YOU page. Every time you open the app, you’ll find recipe suggestions and inspiration – vegan recipes are always included, of course, to also give flexitarians a wide variety of dishes to cook.

* All the features described are already available free of charge on iOS devices. We are working at full steam on Android to offer all the same foodfittery features as soon as possible. It will be a little while before the profile settings can be adjusted as described.

© Gabriel Gurrola/ Unsplash.com, foodfittery

Discover a variety of vegan recipes in our app. Whether savoury dishes like curries and casseroles or desserts like muffins and cakes – there's something for everyone.

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As an online editor and vegetarian foodie, Melanie likes to try out new things and loves uncomplicated kitchen experiments. Culinary improvisation is part of her everyday life, fresh variety is close to her heart and of course the kids have to like it too. Her relaxation trick: baking is like meditating!